Green Building Schemes

MJC are committed to reduce our impact upon the environment by embracing the concept of Green Building Schemes.

We will lead the way by educating our clients and their agents as to the steps we, as a construction company, can take to improve building practices.

We will embrace new technologies and learn how we can change and improve.

The steps we can take

  • Increase efficiency in our use of energy, water, and other resources whilst on-site AND in the equipment we install, such as low-flow sanitary ware and light sensors
  • Improve wellbeing for tenants by active recommendation of the most suitable ventilation systems, natural lighting, improved outdoor space and facilities. We will promote biodiversity on our sites through the installation of green roofs, increased soft landscaping areas and insect hotels.
  • Reduce waste by recommending alternative materials using reduced packaging and only buy what we need. Where possible we can recycle waste products such as rubble on-site as aggregate and recycle using local companies to reduce road transportation.

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