Andy Mapple Pro Am Waterski

Winning team at the MJC Sponsored Pro Am

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What other sport would have teams called Vest Life and Back Street Buoys in competition with the greatest in the world?

July 2017 and eighteen of the worlds finest slalom water skiers came from all corners of the globe to the famous JBSki Arena to compete in the inaugural Andy Mapple Pro Am.

In the true sprit of the greatest of all time - this wasn’t about the world ranking points or the prize money - it was about the sport and the great people that participate in it.

People like Nate Smith - world record holder working handles on the start dock; Freddie Winter - world number one skiing in the same team as his Mum. Mike Hazelwood - former world champion who at 59, still gives everything for one more buoy and to better old rival John Battleday. At the dawn of his career - 10 year old Harrison Crossland who’s stunning performance set a new British record.

People like Witt and Agi Gamski whose local building business sponsored the event. All the volunteers with their cream teas; officiating; websites; site prep, commentary and web casts made the weekend very special. And let’s not forget 72 amateur skiers - of all ages, genders and from all walks of life - brought together by their love of the great leveller that is the Slalom waterski course. Far from elite - just sharing heart and an enduring belief that next time will be even better.

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