Apprentices - dos and don'ts

If you are looking for work experience I have some advice:

  1. Don’t ask for jobs that are based next door to where you live. Be prepared to travel.

  2. Don’t ask for retainer – you are not a barrister.

  3. A cup of tea is every worker’s right but not if you take the office supplies home with you.

  4. Be on time and don’t miss Fridays (unexpected tummy bug) followed by missed Mondays due to hangover.

  5. Don’t quote various legislations if you don’t understand them, especially your human rights while taking 2h breaks for lunch.

  6. Do attend classes your Employer paid for. I cannot promise to make you the best engineer, architect or site manager if you miss the education provided for you.

  7. Respect health and safety, and apply common sense to tasks ahead. I didn't ask you to be a stuntman.

  8. Sense of humour is welcome but please refrain from using offensive language.

  9. I know being a teenager is hard, I used to be one.

  10. My own work experiences may not have always related to what I studied (i.e. working in a cheese factory on a production line)….but it thought me work ethic, respect for colleagues and made me study harder.

I think I may need to post dos and don'ts next time we will be offering apprenticeship programmes.

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