At MJC we are committed to playing our part in tackling climate change. We believe that no matter what the size of your company, we all have a role to play in achieving sustainability.

As main contractors our role is to offer our clients a responsible solution for the construction of new buildings and the retrofit of existing building stock. Following our sustainable construction plan, we can be part of your journey to achieve net zero.

We can help improve the sustainability of industrial and commercial buildings by:

  • Reducing the waste we produce on-site
  • Using natural resources more efficiently
  • Lowering our impact on the environment

Discover the changes we are implementing to improve the sustainability of your projects. 

We work with BeesMAX, a not-for-profit organisation whose aim is to reverse the decline of the UK bee population. Find out how you can help by sponsoring beehives on your estates. Read More>>

Our Promise

We promise to take a pro-active stance with both our clients and suppliers as we embrace the concept of Green Building Schemes. We will work with our clients and their agents to share the knowledge we gain and the steps we can take, as construction professionals, to improve building practices.

We will recommend alternative products that offer lower carbon solutions; select suppliers whose packaging creates less waste and whose products are more beneficial to the environment.

On-going, we will work with our clients and suppliers to continually innovate and be open to new ideas. We aim to improve our skills, knowledge and business processes to provide better building solutions for our clients.

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MJC Sustainability Plan

Our commitment is to reduce our impact upon the environment across all our projects. The MJC Sustainability Plan provides the steps we can take;

1. Waste – reduce/recycle/reuse

  • We will only buy the right quantities for our needs
  • We will select products that use the least packaging/recyclable packaging
  • We will continue to separate out waste materials and send these for recycling
  • We will use local recycling facilities to reduce road transportation
  • We will send materials, such as wood, to local companies who can reuse them, such as Community Wood Recycling

2. Water Management

  • We will recommend systems to store and reuse grey water
  • We will install equipment that minimises water use, such as reduced flow taps and sanitary ware
  • We will create more areas of soft landscaping or use permeable surfaces to allow natural absorption
  • We will install green and blue roofs to reduce or slow down water run-off

3. Wellbeing

  • We will recommend changes to improve the working environment and reduce energy usage, such as increases in natural lighting and ventilation.
  • We will avoid using products that create harmful or toxic emissions, often found in certain paint and carpets.
  • We will ensure that ventilation and insulation properties are fully maximised, to improve energy efficiency and improve the working conditions of tenants
  • We will increase the level of soft landscaping and outdoor seating facilities, using recycled wood products where possible.

With the help of our clients, these steps are all achievable. We are more than happy to take additional measures to help our clients achieve their net zero goals. We will monitor our supply chain to offer our clients sustainable options, such as ensuring that all materials purchased are sustainably sourced, using BES6001 Certified Suppliers.

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